What's to blame for the NFL's ACL Problem?

We recently came across a good article on a sports blog out of the US called The Injury Insight and thought that it provided some relevant content for both our NFL fans and patients alike. Doctor of Physical Therapy graduate Dr. Rajpal Brar breaks down the alarming trend of pre season ACL injuries  and offers some insight into a few elements of risk we may be able to mitigate:

  1. Training Quantity & Intensity
  2. Training Type
  3. Playing Surface

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Holistic Hamstring Health: Not just the Nordic hamstring exercise

A recent article published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine has provided an overview of the key components that should make up any strength and conditioning program for an athlete participating in a running sport. You can view the article in full here but below we have outlined a few key points to think about when training for running sports at any level:

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A Comparison of EMG muscle activity in the Parallel, Full, and Front Squat Variations in Resistance-Trained Females

■ Interesting study from Brett Contreas et al who compared mean and peak EMG activity of the upper  gluteus  maximus,  lower  gluteus  maximus, biceps  femoris,  and vastus  lateralis  during the partial, parallel, full and front squat. Individuals participating in this study were tested using the 10RM.

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Physiotherapy really should be your first choice of care...

An interesting article regarding the difference in specific surgical intervention and diagnostic exploratory surgery for patients suffering with Sub-Sacromial Impingement Pain. There is always a place for further interventions including surgery however a thorough strength and stability program may be more effective.Read more