■ Interesting study from Brett Contreas et al who compared mean and peak EMG activity of the upper  gluteus  maximus,  lower  gluteus  maximus, biceps  femoris,  and vastus  lateralis  during the partial, parallel, full and front squat. Individuals participating in this study were tested using the 10RM.


■ They found that there were no statistical differences between full, front, and parallel squats in any of the tested muscles.


■ Although the sample size of this study was small and targeted resistance trained females – it showed that Individuals with pathologic or morpholigic restrictions in the lumbar spine, hip, knee and ankle, who are unable to perform a full ROM squat safely can greatly benefit from adjustments in squat depth.

■ Further research should continue to compare EMG activity during various squat variations in both the populations of Women and men.

Interesting times ahead!