Strength and Conditioning

At Sportsfizz we strongly believe that prevention of injury is always better than cure. While many acute injuries are just bad luck there are a large proportion where an athlete or individual is placed at unnecessary risk due to modifiable factors. We utilise in depth assessment methods to identify asymmetries and potential issues in movement and exercise. These may include:

  • Biomechanical abnormalities
  • Limb length differences
  • Strength and stability asymmetry
  • Mobility discrepancies

From these assessments our therapists will provide a comprehensive program aimed at not only correcting any issues that may have been identified but that is also tailored to personal goals and/or sport that you participate in. Both of our locations are fitted with all of the necessary strength and conditioning equipment that would be found in a commercial gym, needed to carry out these sessions.

So if you are an exercise beginner, amateur or professional be sure to book your assessment today so we can help you to stay healthy and perform at your best