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SportsFizz has been carefully and specially designed to be a safe and nurturing environment. There’s space to be alone and space to be with company, space to scream and space to be joyful. We like to think of it as a judgement-free sanctuary, filled only with good intention and care.

Consultation Room

The consultation room is commonly used for injuries and clinical discussions of a more private nature.

Treatment Bed

The treatment room is the main space used by our physiotherapists to treat the majority of our patients. The room is fitted with treatment beds, privacy curtains and a range of rehabilitation and therapy equipment.


Our gym area is supervised by Rob Harb, an experienced strengthening and conditioning trainer. The gym holds a range of equipment to assist you in your training and rehabilitation including strength/free weight equipment, functional training equipment and cardio training machinery.

Pilates Studio

The Pilates Studio is run by Instructor Jacqueline Bird from Evolve Pilates & Fitness and is fully equipped to run private and group sessions.

If you are interested in participating in a Pilates class, head over to and book in today.

Shop and Reception

Our reception area is run by our friendly staff who are trained in assisting you in your every need. Also feel free to inquire the large range of products available for purchase. We stock a variety of rehabilitation and training products that we personally use during treatment.

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